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Good old fashioned landline phone service is safe, reliable, and affordable when you choose between local phone service, or get unlimited local, plus long distance combined for one flat monthly rate from landline providers in your area.

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  • AT&T Landline Phone AT&T offers reliable landline phone service with local, local with tiered long distance, or unlimited calling plans.

    • AT&T Primary Residential Line - basic local phone service
    • AT&T Unlimited Nation-wide Calling℠ One - unlimited local toll and long distance
  • Starting at $14.95 /mo. No activation fee. no activation fee with online orders only

    at&t landline home phone
  • Verizon Landline Phone Verizon offers traditional landline home phone service with a variety of local, and long distance calling plans and features.

    • Verizon Freedom Value - Unlimited local and long distance in the U.S., to Canada and Puerto Rico.
    • Verizon Freedom Unlimited - unlimited local and long distance in the U.S., to Canada and Puerto Rico, plus features like caller I.D., call forwarding, and more.
  • Starting at $42.99 /mo. Prices based on location, taxes and surcharges extra

    verizon landline home phone
  • Qwest Landline Phone Qwest provides landline home phone service with a variety of calling plans for local, long distance, and unlimited calling.

    • Qwest® Home Phone Plus - unlimited local, 5¢ per minute long distance, plus up to 10 calling features
    • Qwest® Home Phone Unlimited - unlimited local and nationwide long distance, plus up to 10 calling feature
  • Starting at $30.00 /mo. for 12 months

    qwest landline home phone
  • Windstream Landline Phone Windstream home phone service with local calling, or local and unlimited phone service.

    • Windstream Flex Phone Plan - Unlimited local, plus 100 nationwide long distance minutes
    • Windstream Unlimited Phone Plan - Unlimited local, and nationwide long distance, plus popular calling features included
  • Starting at $34.99 /mo.

    windstream landline home phone
  • Centurylink Landline Phone Centurlink provides reliable local, and long distance unlimited home phone service.

    • Centurylink™ Unlimited Calling - Unlimited local and long distance for one flat rate, plus calling features included.
  • As low as $44.95 /mo.

    centurylink landline home phone
  • TDS Landline Phone TDS offers local, and long distance telephone service with a variety of calling plans and features.

    • TDS Local Phone - unlimited local phone service
    • TDS 5-Star Voice Package - unlimited local & long distance calling
  • TDS Unlimited as low as $44.99 /mo. price doesn't reflect surcharge

    tds landline home phone
  • Cincinnati Bell Landline Phone Cincinnati Bell is an independant local company with award winning service, and experienced technicians offering a wide range of landline calling plans for any budget.

    • Basic Phone Line - basic phone line with unlimited calling
    • Home Pak Lite - unlimited local, plus 30 minutes of long distance with 5 popular calling features
    • Home Pak Advantage - unlimited local, unlimited long distance, plus 13 calling features
  • Starting at $19.45 /mo.

    cincinnati bell landline home phone

Landline Phone Service Knowledge Center

Welcome to the landline phone service knowledge center where you'll find detailed information about home phone service, and landline providers.

What is Landline Phone Service?

Landline phone is often referred to as P.O.T.S. or plain ol' telephone service. It's basically the original analog phone service that runs over copper wire, and is the original infrastructure phone service was based on throughout the U.S., and the world.

Benefits of a Landline

Landline phone service can be a bit more costly than newer digital lines, but it comes with numerous benefits. 911 was first introduced over the landline grid, and works best under this very platform today. In addition to being the most reliable phone service for 911, it's also dependable in power outages, since you don't need electricity from the power grid to your home to make phone calls over a landline.

Availability of Landline Phone Service

Landline phone service providers are available in nearly every home, and office in the United States. They can range from small local landline companies, to huge corporate providers that have been around for decades. If you were to look in your phone book under utilities for local phone service, chances are the local phone company they have listed is a landline company.

How to Save on Landline Service

Traditionally landline phone with long distance has been quite expensive. Thanks to deregulation, and competition all of that has changed. You can bundle local phone service with an unlimited long distance calling plan which will give you unlimited calling anywhere in the United States for a flat monthly rate with no cent per minute long distance charges. Prices for bundled local and long distance typically fall below $50 per month.

Not only can you bundle long distance, but it's also possible your landline provider offers digital TV, and high-speed Internet, and if you need one, or both of these services there is a good chance you'll get a discount for bundling TV and Internet with your phone service.

How Do I Find Landline Providers in My Area?

Easy! Just fill out the form at the top of this page. We'll take your information and match it to landline phone service providers in your area, so you can compare landline packages and plans based on your location, or service address. Alternativley, if you see your provider on our list, you can simply click on that provider to learn more, fill out the required information, and we'll show you calling plans for that provider at your service address. Once you've found the plan you're looking for you can sign up online, or call our toll free number to have an agent help you get signed up.

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