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    Landline Phone Deals

    Find some of our best deals, and current offers on landline phone service.

    AT&T Primary Residential Line starting at $14.95 /mo. no activation fee with online orders only. AT&T phone service

    Verizon Freedom Value - Unlimited local and long distance in the U.S., to Canada and Puerto Rico starting at $42.99 /mo. Verizon phone service

    Centurylink™ Unlimited Calling - Unlimited local and long distance for one flat rate, plus calling features included as low as $44.95 /mo. Centurylink phone service

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    Digital Phone Deals

    View our latest, and greatest deals on digital cable phone service.

    Comcast Digital Voice® featuring unlimited nationwide calling as low as $19.99 /mo for 6 months Comcast phone service

    Optimum Voice® unlimited calling within the United States, plus to Canada, and P.R. as low as $19.95 /mo. Optimum phone service

    Charter Phone® Unlimited with unlimited local and long distance calling, pluse features like voicemail, caller id, E911, and more as low as $29.99 /mo for 6 months. Charter phone service

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